’70’s Flashback! Decent Boys Do Mandy!

The Decent Boys have gone to the well and pulled up a bucket of "Manilow Magic". Go to the MP3 page for the proof.

Decent Boys Jump Christmas Music Bandwagon!

Check out the two musical travesties we've created for the holidays on the MP3 page. Have a great season and we'll see you in '06!

Moving (Spader) Units

We are officially "reissuing" our first CD, Spader Unit. We have plenty of fresh copies made and ready to send out to anybody that wants one. Just email us or go to the "ask the Decent Boys a question" section of this website and send us your address if you want to complete your Decent collection.

The Decent Boys - Live Evil!

We're playing the Red Sea in the University City (MO) Loop Thursday December 8th. We'll post the showtime, other bands, etc. when we find all that out. Put some gas in the hype engine and spread the word!

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Spader Unit to be Reissued

The Decent Boys are planning to reissue their (very) limited release debut, Spader Unit. Watch this space for more information and a release date.

Like Baby Birds From Nest, Decent Boys Launch Website and EP

The Decent Boys are celebrating the launch of thedecentboys.com and the release of the new CD, Eephus Pitch. Copies of Eephus Pitch are already trickling out by the ones to fans all over this great land. Check out the Discography page for more info and the MP3 page for samples. Email the Decent Boys at thedecentboys@yahoo.com to get your own copy.

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